Dear Father JACKmas

At JACK, we don't care what the kids want for Christmas.
We care about what you, a functioning adult, want for Christmas.
Scribble a letter to Father JACKmas using this fancy form thingy and he may just pay for some of your pressies. The sillier, the better.
Down the sherry, stick your rear end on our lap and tell us what present you want JACK to pay for.
  • Standard JACKfm terms and conditions apply - click here to see them
  • To enter, submit a link to the present you'd like JACK to pay for above
  • If your entry is selected to compete, it will be mentioned on the radio.
  • If your name and present are announced, you will have 15 minutes to call JACKfm on 01865 575 106 and claim the prize
  • Should the present not be claimed within 15 minutes of being announced on the radio, no money will be won on that occasion
  • Gameplay on the radio will take place at 7:30am each weekday from Monday 11th December until all the allocated cash is won
  • Entries brought to air will be chosen by a team of judges from JACKfm. Entries will be chosen based on the entrant's perceived entertainment value.
  • Please be aware that your name and whatever you submit may be read out on the radio. Any calls to 01865 575 106 may also be recorded and broadcast on the radio.
  • Should you be successful, you will be contacted to arrange payment of the cash value of the desired present.. The money will be awarded to you within 28 days.
  • The word of the JACKfm judges is final and cannot be contested



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