Groundhog Day's Going To Be Screened On Repeat For Its 25th Birthday


Groundhog Day turns 25 this year.


And some clever sparks at Vue Cinemas have decided to screen the film again. Over and over. For a whole day.


The 1993 classic, where Bill Murray is doomed to re-live the same day on repeat, will be shown on loop on 2nd February at selected Vue cinemas across the UK.



A chap called Johnny Carr is Vue's Alternative Content Manager. He says: “At Vue we’re passionate about offering our customers the opportunity to see all types of content, beyond just the latest blockbusters, on the big screen. We are excited to bring back such a classic film for fans to relive in the best way possible.”


A good film, but worth seeing over and over? What film would you happily watch for a whole day?


Image credit: 1993 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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