"What the hell is that?" ask bemused Bank Holiday Brits

Confused and vitamin D deprived Brits have been pointing up into the sky, checking that it really is a bank holiday right now, and declaring "huh".


It comes as yet another bank holiday weekend in two months has brought lovely sunshine, warmth and general happiness to the pasty little island.


"No really, is it a bank holiday?" asked a Mr Jones of Grimshire.


"We always spend bank holidays whinging about how it's never nice. And now we're in the third consecutively beautiful bank holiday in two months. We have no choice but to whinge about that instead."


"I know that seems unfair, but so does Britain finally getting nice bank holiday weather when no sod can go out and enjoy it," he concluded before shutting his curtains and sobbing at bleak footage of Happy Valley.


Brits baffled to the point of sadness by the latest lovely bank holiday weather are advised to improve their spirits by dressing in a mackintosh, standing in the shower and eating a cold bag of chips from the freezer.


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