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27 weeks pregnant


Well the bump is definitely here! I know this not just from the fit of my clothes or by looking in the mirror but also because at least twice a day I manage to open a door into myself…and by myself I mean the baby. Fingers crossed he doesn’t pop out dented.


This week I also learnt that my husband DEFINITELY has a steadier hand that I do. I’ve reached the point where I cannot properly reach my toenails to paint them and so hesitantly asked him to give it a go for me. Where’s my efforts of a good day have in the past been described by a friend as looking like “a 4 year old was let loose with a marker pen”, my husband’s attempt was perfect! Should I believe him when he says this was the first time he’d tried?

This week has been spent attempting to write a list of all the things we're going to need to buy for our little one before he arrives. We wrote the list. Went into overwhelmed...and left emptyhanded. We then went to a carboot sale and bought this llama rocking horse. His name is Larry. What more does a boy need??!


28 weeks pregnant

This week has been hot. ALL OF THE TIME. And by hot, I don’t mean warm. I mean WHY IS IT LIKE A TROPICAL RAIN FOREST hot. Last night my husband dared to sit on the same sofa as me and was soon met with cries of MOVE ONTO THE OTHER SOFA, I CAN FEEL YOUR HEAT RADIATING. He’s now forced to sleep with a fan on and share our bed with three icepacks. I finally learnt this week about what people mean when they say pregnant women ‘glow’. They don’t glow. At least I don’t glow. I sweat. Profusely. At least 95% of my waking day is currently being spent wiping sweat off my top lip. It’ll be worth it in the end!

We’re trying to make a list of the important things we’ll need to have ready for our little one when he arrives…and there is SO MUCH reading to do on EVERYTHING before we can make a purchase! Don’t leave a baby in a car seat for more than two hours. Don’t put a baby in their own room for 4-6months. Don’t put baby in the corner. It’s a minefield! Top tips (and bottom ones as nappies seem just as confusing) welcome!

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