Sixth Form Webinar: Tuesday 24th March, 6:30pm - 8pm

Register for our Sixth Form Information Evening webinar on Tuesday 24th March, 6:30pm - 8pm. d'Overbroeck's will send you a reminder the day before with information on how to join the session.


Address: 333 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 7PL


We are often asked “What makes d’Overbroeck’s different from other schools?”.

The answer lies in our shared values and a relaxed but vibrant atmosphere, where the individual is key and laughter is an essential part of everyday life.

Our ethos is firmly built on personal relationships, on a relative lack of stuffiness and formal hierarchies, and on a strong belief that every individual is at the heart of the school. At the same time, our approach is distinctly collaborative.

We believe in leading by example, in a healthy dose of flexibility and in the power of laughter and humanity. ‘Enthusiasm’, ‘maturity’ and ‘courtesy’ are words that visitors to the school frequently use to describe us. 

We provide an environment which gives both staff and students the space to be themselves as well as the encouragement and stimulus to grow, to learn, to engage with complexity and to achieve their goals. And they’ll also have time for friendship, laughter and living life to the full.


Sixth Form Webinar: Tuesday 24th March, 6:30pm - 8pm




China Girl by David Bowie

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Secrets by Regard / Raye

JACK 3 & Chill

Gonna Get Along Without You by Viola Wills