Meet Kev The Slob

Meet Kev. The slobbiest slob we could find.
He's the man we're transforming from a nobody Nigel into a full-blown celeb.
He's living the full celeb lifestyle. Rocking at a festival, a total makeover, getting snapped by the paparazzi - the works.
Keep an ear in with Trev on JACK's Morning Glory, weekdays from 6am, to keep up with Kev's new-found fabulousness. Or cheat by seeing it here. You slob!
  • WATCH: Kev's Rock Star Moment

    From his sofa to the festival stage. Can we get a "Hello Wychwood!"?

  • Meet Kev

    The slobbiest of the slobs. Meet the man who's blitzing through fame.

  • Kev on Twitter

    Stephen Fry, Justin Bieber - and now Kev. Every celeb needs a big Twitter presence.

  • WATCH: The Best Of Our Slob

    Turning one slob into a full-blown celeb. All captured on a VHS camera.

  • COMING SOON: The Makeover

    Kev, you look fabulous, darling. Or he will at least. The makeover's coming soon.

  • COMING SOON: Changing His Life

    What do all celebs have? Life coaches. We Googled it, and they do.


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