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Trev's Running The London Marathon


At JACK, we like to push things to the absolute limit.


So this weekend, Trev's going on a mission of discovery. Can he run the London Marathon with no training?


This is groundbreaking stuff.


He's not doing training runs. He's spending the week before on a lads holiday in Spain. And he's planning to stop halfway round for a pint.


Listen to the run and probable failure in a live show from the marathon - this Sunday from 9am.


Place your bets - will he make it? Tweet @JACKfmOxford with your completely serious predictions.


There's a good cause behind it the nonsense. Help him raise cash for Helen & Douglas House hospice. If he's got £500 raised before the race starts, he'll wear this fetching skirt. Which is definitely a good thing.



Keep an eye peeled for the nonsense before the marathon - Sunday 22nd April.


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