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JACK's Whistleblower


What could you secretly lift the lid on?
We're looking for JACK's Whistleblower. Someone from any walk of life with a story to tell.
Can you dish gossip on what really goes on in your profession? The bizarre, mysterious and maybe unbelievable stuff the public would never normally know about what you and your industry does.
You could be anyone. A dentist. Train driver. Flight attendant. Military personnel. Caterer. Or copywriter for a radio station's website. 
Are we asking you to tell us the deepest, darkest secrets about your profession? No, not at all - the silly stuff's just fine. But if you do want to dish, we can hide your identity, mask your voice on the radio and go very James Bond.
Reckon you could offer a unique peek behind the scenes on something no one really knows? Scribble your details below to let us know. We'll be in touch soon. Possibly in Morse code.


JACK's Whistleblower Terms and Conditions

  • Standard JACKfm competition terms and conditions apply – click here to see them
  • By submitting this form, you agree that JACKfm may contact you using any of the means you have provided above
  • JACK's Whistleblower will provide pre-recorded voice interviews to be broadcast on JACKfm, and are able to provide these interviews without revealing my identity and have my voice disguised should they wish.
  • Whistleblower(s) will be selected by a team of in house judges at JACK, who will judge based on the perceived entertainment value of the entry. The decision of the JACKfm judges is final and cannot be contested.
  • Whistleblowers may reveal whatever they wish about the inner workings or unknown secretes of their profession
  • We encourage whistleblowers to limit their stories to the confines of the law. JACKfm will be required to submit to the relevant authorities any information provided by whistleblower(s) which they deem suspicious or outside of the law.
  • Any information provided by whistleblower(s) in writing or interview may be broadcast on JACKfm or used in part or full on JACKfm's website and social media pages at any time.

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