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JACK's Chosen One's Coming

It's a first for UK radio. We know who you are...
Someone in Oxfordshire has already won £1,000. It could be you. You just don't know it yet.
We know everything about them - where they live, what car they drive, the colour of their bedroom carpet. If that person turns out to be you, you've already won a thousand quid. You just have to claim it.
Have you been selected as JACK's Chosen One? Listen for clues, starting soon. The faster we find you, the quicker you get the cash.

Terms and Conditions

  • Standard JACKfm terms and conditions apply - click here to see them.
  • The prize consists of £1,000.
  • The winner of the prize will be one specific person, already known to JACKfm before the contest opens.
  • If you believe you are JACK's Chosen One and the rightful claimant of the prize, call 01865 575 106 and leave a message, including your full name. JACKfm will then make contact with you.
  • Winners will be required to prove their identity with a form of photo ID. JACKfm will be on hand to guide you through the process of providing your identity.
  • The contest runs from the date of the first clue being revealed on air (Monday 15th January 2018) until the winner has made contact and been established.
  • The prize will be awarded to the winner within 28 days of the prize being successfully claimed.
  • Winners will be revealed on the radio once all the necessary checks have been made by JACKfm.
  • The winner will ber required to take part in a telephone interivew on the radio between 6am-9am one weekday.
  • Once a winner has been found, JACKfm reserves the right to rerun the contest with a different winner and different prize value.

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