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Heaven 17

Most Inappropriate Underwear Award

Bight pink? Riddled with holes? Not changed since the 80s?
We've all got a pair of pants that shouldn't see the light of day. The pair that even the other half laughs at.
Time for your inappropriate skivvies to be celebrated. Let us know you deserve an award for the Most Inappropriate Underwear round here. Don't judge us for asking for a picture too. Nothing wrong with it.


Terms and Conditions

  • Standard JACKfm terms and conditions apply – click here to see them

  • The winner of the award will be judged based on their perceived entertainment value by a group of judges at JACKfm

  • We will use the contact details you've provided to get in touch with you and, should you win, send your award to

  • We may contact you on the provided phone number and record the conversation for broadcast on JACKfm. Should this happen, you'll be informed that this is the case and will be asked for your consent for us to broadcast the conversation

  • The prize constitutes the award provided and carries no cash value

  • This competition is open to people aged 18 and over only

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