Fitzy & Wippa

In the 1800s, we sent convicts to Australia. To return the favour, in 2013 they’re going to send their reprobates back to us.
Radio phenomena Fitzy and Wippa – (they're very famous down under apparently!) - are coming to the dumpiest
building in Oxford… nay, the UK… to join us here at JACK.
The duo can be heard on JACK on Sunday evenings between 6pm and 8pm. It’s the first time their unique style will
ever have been heard outside Australia. (To be honest, we’re hoping a bit of their shininess rubs off on us.)
Fitzy managed to take some time out of his very busy scheudle to give us a quote (he took some time away from the barbie!)
"We love the UK, we just hope the Brits will catch on to the Aussie sense of humour. Our boss in Australia is British and
it has taken him two years to get our humour.”


You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth by Meatloaf

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Higher Love by Kygo / Whitney Houston

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Graceland by Paul Simon