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Westgate: Hand sanitiser stations, floor arrows and queue's outside shops

The oxford shopping centre has revealed some of its new social distancing measures.

Westgate Oxford has posted online about what it's doing to keep everybody safe, once it reopens on Monday.

It says it wants people's shopping experience to be 'safe and stress-free' so is putting in a string of measures.

More signage is one of them, to help people keep a safe distance from each other whilst shopping.

Another is a one-way system around the shopping centre, where you follow arrows on the floor.

It has also installed hand sanitiser stations and says its in-centre cleaning teams 'will be working harder than ever to help make Westgate Oxford a safe place for everybody.'

Capacity in the shopping centre will be limited from June 15th, so the number of people allowed in will be restricted and there may be queues outside shops.

Westgate says store opening hours are also subject to change and some may not be open.

It's advising shoppers to pay by card when they can and to stick to social distancing in the lifts.

You can read more about the Westgate's social distancing plans, here.

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