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VIDEO: 16 people charged for breaking new coronavirus lockdown laws in Thames Valley

The Chief Constable says "a lot of it is to do with people not having a reasonable excuse" for being out.

Thames Valley Police’s Chief Constable John Campbell has released a video message updating on the Force’s response to the current coronavirus pandemic.

In it, he talks about the measures in place to make sure TVP can continue to protect the public.

He discusses the force's approach to policing the new legislation, which will be one of engagement, explaining and encouragement to comply, with enforcement used as a last resort.

The Chief Constable talks about the changes in demand and the increase in online fraud being experienced nationally.

He also says Thames Valley Police is closely monitoring domestic abuse, which he believes may increase due to people being confined in their homes.

Meanwhile, more than 200 retired police officers in the Thames Valley have responded to calls for them to return to the front-line during the Coronavirus crisis

John Campbell says officers are being held in reserve ready to fill the gaps made by those who are off work, due to COVID-19, which is currently about 20% of the workforce.

Earlier this week, a man who coughed at police officers in Wantage was jailed for 22 weeks.


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