Remote consultation technology supports Oxford's COVID-19 vaccine trial

Nye Phone has already been supporting NHS workers throughout the pandemic.

The secure, browser-based software, connects clinicians with patients via call and video service.

It's been created by Nye Health, based in Oxford's entrepreneurship centre, the Foundry.

The remote consulting technology will allow the team at Oxford University to work from home and still stay in close contact with the study participants during human trials.

Dr Alexander Finlayson, CEO of Nye, said: ‘The work being carried out by Oxford University is incredibly inspiring. They are bringing their world-leading expertise to bear on the most critical of challenges. Nye is immensely excited to play a small role helping this clinical trial run smoothly.’

‘Given current circumstances, some experts may have to work from home...and keeping in close, secure contact with participants will be vital. The Nye Phone will make sure this communication is safe, simple and compliant. Our team has extensive experience working on clinical trials and medical research projects so, hopefully, we are well-placed to ensure our technology supports this essential work,’ Dr Finlayson added.

The Nye Phone was made was made available to all NHS clinicians in March as social distancing rules were introduced.

Since then, hundreds of GP surgeries have started to use the technology for phone and video appointments - covering 10 million patients with remote consultations. 

The technology has also been used in NHS Intensive Care Units to enable patients to keep in contact with loved ones. 

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