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AUDIO: Police expect a rise in domestic abuse and fraud in Oxfordshire

The Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police is expecting a spike in those crimes during the lockdown.

John Campbell made the announcement while discussing how the local police force will be enforcing the UK lockdown.

He also said that the new government restrictions will change how they police, and the behaviour of criminals.

The Chief Constable revealed that they are still waiting for clarification from the government about exactly what powers they will have to stop congregations.

He added “Stay at home, protect yourself, protect your loved ones and those around you, and feel confident that Thames Valley Police will continue to protect you. 

“We can all work together to best protect Thames Valley and the nation through this pandemic.”


Thames Valley Police will be posting advice and updates via its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The Chief Constable also said “We will continue our day to day policing duties, working with our communities to ensure we are all complying with this essential government direction. 

“However if the public do not take the advice we will look to use the new police powers in order to safeguard everyone. We are expecting legislation and further government guidance on this shortly.

“You may be wondering how Thames Valley Police is coping and what we are doing to make sure we can still respond?

“We are taking all necessary steps to protect our officers and staff.

“This is so that we can continue to protect the most vulnerable and respond where we are needed most.

“We have strong, well tested contingency plans in place to deal with all possibilities, and we will continue to serve the public during this exceptionally challenging time."

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