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Oxfordshire nurse, 84, dies after contracting coronvarius

Margaret Tapley has been described as an 'inspiration.'

She dedicated many years of her life to the NHS, and despite her age, was still working as a health care assistant on Linfoot Ward at Witney Community Hospital.

Margaret, who regularly did nightshifts, delivered care for the last time on April 10.

She passed away at Great Western Hospital in Swindon at 3am on Sunday after contracting the virus.

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust is supporting her family and friends.

Chief Executive Stuart Bell paid tribute to her. He said: "She was a legend on the ward, and more widely throughout the whole hospital. She had worked there for many years, and was remarkable in that she stayed with her team well beyond the point when many others would have retired – she was 84.

"She was also remarkable in the way she provided calm reassurance, support and encouragement to her colleagues, and compassion and care to her patients.

"Margaret knew Coronavirus posed a risk, and if she had wished she would have been perfectly justified in self-isolating, but she wanted to continue in her role, doing the job she loved. She embodied all that is best in those who work for the NHS.

"She was such a central figure in the life of the ward that that she will be greatly missed by all those who work there and by those who knew her across the Trust.”

One of Margaret’s grandchildren, Tom Wood, a senior charge nurse in an A&E Department, described his grandma as his ‘inspiration’.

He wrote: "She was a huge reason as to why I am a nurse today. She took huge pride in her work but was so humble. She embodied the nursing spirit.

"For anyone who worked with her or knew her, that spirit that we all saw and felt lives on in us."

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