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Oxford Health to become 'vaccine hub'

The local NHS Trust will start receiving the Covid-19 vaccine shortly.

The NHS has published a list of 53 NHS vaccine hubs in England which will co-ordinate delivery of the jabs in their areas.

Oxford Health is one of them.

The list was set out in a letter to trusts from Emily Lawson, NHS England’s chief commercial officer, and Sue Harriman, chief operating officer of the Covid-19 vaccination deployment programme.

A further list of sites which will store and administer the vaccine during the first phase will be published later.

Meanwhile, America's top infectious diseases expert has criticised the UK's fast approval of a coronavirus vaccine.

Dr Anthony Fauci says the US has the 'gold standard' when it comes to medicine regulation - claiming that Britain's not as careful.

But officials here say the Pfizer-BioNTech jab has met 'strict standards' of safety.

Experts also say if the Oxford/Astra-Zeneca vaccine received approval soon, it could be easier to deploy.

Deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam told BBC Breakfast he has told his 78-year-old mother, who calls him Johnny, that she must get vaccinated as soon as she can.

He suggested people who cannot leave their homes may need to wait for the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

He said of the Pfizer jab: 'This is one where there are strict rules about the number of times the vaccine can be taken out of the fridge and moved into what we call ambient room temperatures, and so it is going to make it very very difficult, in fact not viable, to take it into individual people’s home if they are house-bound.'

He told BBC Breakfast that if they can they 'absolutely will' get the Pfizer jab into care homes, but the Oxford vaccine would be easier to deploy.

He added that he is hoping the Oxford vaccine will be approved by Christmas, which he said is 'much easier to split into smaller quantities and probably can go into people’s homes.'

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