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Oxford firm helps to develop new Covid-19 ‘Test to Go’ app

PIC: Peter Byrne / PA WIRE

It instantly records your rapid Covid-19 test result and creates a digital certificate on your phone.

Test To Go, the world’s first mobile phone App that enables people to conduct rapid COVID-19 tests, record the results instantly and create a digital certificate showing their coronavirus status, has been launched today.

It's been developed through a pioneering UK partnership between Cambridge-based Excalibur and Sensyne Health plc, the Oxford Science Park-based clinical AI company.

It's powered by Sensyne’s pioneering algorithm ‘MagnifEye’ technology. 

The app is free to download on the App Store and Google Play and the idea is that users will be able to go safely to workplaces, large-scale events and can travel internationally 'with confidence', having verified their COVID-19 status.

It needs to be used in conjunction with a lateral flow test.

During extensive trials involving over 15,000 test samples, the App was up to three times more effective than the human eye in confirming low levels of infection.

Recorded test results are submitted within seconds to Public Health England national database for monitoring infection levels.

Test To Go can also record the user’s PCR test results straight from the laboratory, should they be required for travel purposes and has the capacity to add vaccine and serology certification.

The app quickly trains users to administer an Excalibur lateral flow test, then it simultaneously uploads and reads the test result and formulates a shareable digital certificate that validates the date of training of the user, the time of the test result itself and the resulting COVID-19 health status of the person.

It can read all types of lateral flow tests but is only available for such lateral flows subject to agreement with the manufacturers.

Professor Sir Chris Evans, chairman and CEO of Excalibur Healthcare Services, said: “The ‘Test To Go’ App is one of a kind – and an excellent example of British partnership and innovation. It’s a very exciting development and can play an important part in helping businesses and their employees get back to normal. People can go to their offices or get on a train or a plane knowing exactly their COVID-19 status. We think this will also be an invaluable tool in the entertainment sector.

“Every effort needs to be made to ensure that infection rates are kept under control. Taking a reliable test and creating a credible digital record of the result will be extremely useful in doing this and it is important that test results are submitted to the national database. As an independent company, we have committed to doing this and will are looking to collaborate with other test manufacturers to develop this further.”


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