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Oxford Bus Company to change timetables from Monday

Managers say weekend service patterns are “likely” to replace regular routes for the time being.

Oxford Bus Company is making alterations to its timetables in light of covid-19.

These will come into effect on Monday 23 March.

Bosses say they will be trying to keep peak services running where possible, to support people getting to school, work, supermarkets and hospital.

But, for most routes, a Sunday service is likely to operate instead.

The company’s said on its website: “Public Health England has advised that public transport is the same as any other public space, and the current Government advice is that people are able to continue to use public transport if required.

“While schools remain open, we continue to provide bus services and we will monitor the situation constantly.”

OBC says it is cleaning its buses extensively, and has the health and wellbeing of passengers at the top of its list.

The revised timetables are likely to be as follows:

  • city2 / Stagecoach 2 - up to every 10 mins
  • city3 / Stagecoach 3 - up to every 15 mins
  • city3A - normal Monday to Friday service
  • city4 - up to every 15 mins with hourly service to Abingdon
  • city5 / Stagecoach 1 - up to every 7-8 mins
  • city6 - up to every 20 mins
  • city8 / Stagecoach 8 - up to every 10 mins
  • city9 / Stagecoach 9 - normal Monday to Friday service
  • cityX3 - no service
  • cityX13 - up to every 15 mins between Abingdon and JR Hospital
  • city35 - up to every 30 mins (city35A/B will continue operating as long as schools remain open)
  • city250 - normal Saturday service
  • park&ride300 - up to every 12 mins
  • park&ride400 - up to every 15 mins
  • park&ride500 - up to every 30 mins between Oxford and Woodstock
  • the airline - hourly service to Heathrow and hourly service to Gatwick via Heathrow, providing half-hourly service to Heathrow Airport
  • BROOKESbusU1 - normal semester timetable
  • BROOKESbusU5 - normal semester timetable

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