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New mobile CCTV cameras to tackle 'opportunistic crime' in Oxford

Four of them will move between seven hotspot areas, including the Cowley Road and Divinity Road.

New mobile CCTV cameras are being switched on in Oxford today, to provide extra security for people in the city.

Thanks to the Government's Safer Streets fund, four cameras will operate and move around seven locations - including Morrell Avenue and Union Street - in a bid to reduce opportunistic crime, like bike thefts.

The footage will feed into the existing CCTV control room and will be monitored by trained CCTV operators.

In July 2020, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner of the Thames Valley secured Safer Streets funding to tackle specific crime types, including bicycle theft.

The aim is 'to stop offences that have a significant impact on our local communities and cause considerable inconvenience and distress to many victims.'

The four new CCTV cameras will be mobile and can be moved amongst the seven new locations as required.

Police believe they will help reduce opportunistic crime and will provide extra security and safety for people in the city.

Local policing area commander for Oxford, Superintendent Bruce Riddell, said: “These new mobile CCTV cameras, which have been obtained thanks to the Safer Streets funding and work with our local partners, will provide valuable extra security to people in Oxford.

“The fact they are mobile will also be extremely useful to our officers and will mean that they can be moved to different areas as and when they are required.

“I hope that these new cameras provide even more reassurance to members of the public that Oxford is a safe area where any type of criminal activity is not tolerated.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley, Matthew Barber, said: “It’s exciting to see funding from Safer Streets being applied in a physical way to our communities. We have just been successful in securing nearly a million pounds in funding for the third round of the Safer Streets Fund and we will continue to build upon the good work that is happening from the first and second rounds.”

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