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Man jailed for breaching coronavirus rules in Oxfordshire

Simba Munyoro, from Milton Keynes, claimed to be moving a bed for a key worker on Saturday.

Police spotted him driving into a petrol station with a bed on the roof of his van, which was insecure, in Weston-on-the-Green in the early hours.

He told officers that it was an "essential need".

The 44-year-old was arrested at the scene after providing a specimen of breath which blew above the legal alcohol limit.

Munyoro was also found to be disqualified from driving for an earlier drink driving offence, having no insurance and also having an unrestrained child in the foot-well of the vehicle.

He was charged with five offences and appeared at Oxford Magistrates Court yesterday, where he pleaded guilty to all offences.

Mnyoro, from Murrey Close in Shenley Lodge, was sentenced to eight weeks' behind bars and banned from driving for a further 15 months; brining the total ban to five years.

He also had a previous suspended sentence of 12 weeks’ imprisonment activated, for an earlier drink driving offence in December 2019, meaning he must serve that consecutively, resulting in a total of 20 weeks’ imprisonment.

Sergeant Mark Scully of the Joint Operations Unit for Roads Policing based at Bicester said: "Not only was Munyoro driving a vehicle while disqualified from doing so, he was over the limit for alcohol, had no insurance and was causing danger to a child passenger by having the child unsecured in the vehicle.

"Munyoro was also in direct contravention to the requirement which restricts movement during the Covid-19 pandemic, showing a flagrant disregard for the regulations.

"Although Thames Valley Police will always look to engage and encourage members of the public in the first instance, acts of criminality like this will be dealt with robustly.

"Munyoro should not have been driving in any case and he put his family and others at risk being over the prescribed alcohol limit, not to mention the potential extra pressure on emergency services at a time where there are clear directives to only travel if it is essential.

"This type of behaviour will not be tolerated and the sentence passed by the court reflects the view that the criminal justice system will take on these matters."

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