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Crisis “far from over” as Oxfordshire Charity appeals to public to plug £30k funding gap 

Since April the Oxfordshire Community Foundation has given out over £584,000 in grants. 

The charity’s Community Resilience Fund was set up to help the community sector respond better to, and recover stronger from, the Covid-19 crisis. 

The money is given to charitable organisations at the front line of community response ranging from emergency food distribution to vital debt and benefits advice to the poorest families. 

In August the OCF invited small charities to apply for up to £2,000. They say that the scale of the applications they received show that communities are still in urgent need for more financial support. 

The applications were four times the projects the OCF is able to fund. 

Among the applications that need funding are hygiene packs for the homeless, a literacy project for disadvantaged families and a community garden to reduce isolation. 

The OCF is looking at a shortfall of £30,000 to be able to fully fund the projects in this batch of applications. 

OCF’s Interim CEO Adrian Sell comments: “The response to our COVID-19 small grants round shows that for front-line community organisations, the immediate crisis is far from over. We still need to support the effort to distribute supplies to the most vulnerable, move services online and provide advice to those who need it – and these needs will only increase as we look towards at least six months of ongoing restrictions along with a growth in infections and significant economic impacts.”

“We urge everyone to continue to support their local community groups either through volunteering or donating, and also to give to us to support the wider response.”

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