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COVID-19: 30 new cases amongst Oxford Brookes students in last week

An email has been sent out to residents in Oxford about it.

Last week Oxford Brookes said extra measures had been implemented after pictures and videos of students partying circulated on social media.

Now, as spokesperson from the University has confirmed that "as of 9:00am this morning, there had been a total of 30 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 amongst Oxford Brookes students over the last seven days."

They added: "We understand that the news of any positive cases is likely to cause anxiety. The majority of these cases have been traced back to social gatherings - we have been working closely with NHS Test and Trace to isolate those affected, and have taken action to reduce the risk of such events reoccurring.

Colleagues have put in a great deal of work to ensure that the campuses have been made safe for the start of the new academic year, and we have been pleased to see that students attending teaching sessions this week have been carefully complying with the new measures."

We understand that the University has emailed some of Oxford's residents about the new coronavirus cases.

Martson Councillor Mick Haines has received that email and says the students need to be more responsible:

Public Health England has previously said that it's working with Oxford Brookes to manage the situation with the Uni promising "firm action" against students who fail to act in accordance to the law.

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