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10,000 food parcels delivered to NHS workers daily from Bicester airbase

PICS: Pioneering bicester soldiers bring relief to key NHS workers

Soldiers, Veterans and local residents are doing their bit to support hospitals during the pandemic.

Food parcels and meals are being sent to COVID-19 wards across the country to get staff through their shifts.

The initiative was launched in March by former F1 McLaren boss Ron Dennis - whose daughter is an NHS Doctor. 

A dozen soldiers initially volunteered to package and distribute the food packs from a World War Two Hanger at the Bicester Motion site, a former RAF base.

They started off distributing 150 food packs, but that has now increased to 10,000 meals a day.

The packs provide a daily food parcel that covers the workers shift plus a meal to take home.

Squadron Seargant Major Janine Crowdy and Military veteran Chris Stuart are among the volunteers:

The £1 million project now has a 70 strong workforce of volunteers too. 

Tesco and Yodel are delivering the items to homes and hospitals including the John Radcliffe and the Horton General, as well as sites in Leeds, Nottingham, London and more. 

The target is to deliver 1 million food packages in 3 months. 

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