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Oxfordshire schools affected by the coronavirus

As covid-19 spreads, local schools are taking measures to keep staff and pupils safe.

They are continuing to monitor government advice in this rapidly-changing situation, to prioritise everyone's wellbeing.

Here is a list of closures so far:

  • Cheney School – Wednesday 18th March 2020 – Partial closure until further notice – Year 10 and Year 12 will not be attending school, except for specific lessons and mock exams. More information in the letter from the Head on their website
  • Faringdon Community College – Wednesday 18th March 2020 – Partial closure – No Y8 students in school.  All other students are expected to attend.  Thursday 19th March 2020 – Partial closure – No Y10 students in school.  All other students are expected to attend. Friday 20th March 2020 – Partial closure – No Y9 students in school.  All other students are expected to attend.

  • King Alfred's Academy - We have been advised  that the school plan for a partial closure on this day and students in Y9, Y12 and Y13 will be asked to stay at home for tomorrow, Wednesday 18th March.

  • Long Wittenham Church of England (C) Primary School - Long Wittenham Primary School will be closed until Wednesday 25th March.

  • Matthew Arnold School - We have been informed that from Wednesday 18th March the school is closed for years 8,9 and 10 But the School is open to students in years 7, 11,12,13 -Students in school should go to their normal timetabled classrooms.

  • Northern House Academy - For this week (17/03/20 – 20/03/20) the school is partially closed with only 50% of pupils attending. Affected parents have been contacted. The reason is exceptional circumstances.

  • St Birinus School - We have been advised that on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, the school will be closed to Years 9 and 10.

  • St Gregory The Great Catholic School - School is closed to all Pod and Primary aged pupil until Thursday (March 19th) when we expect to re-open for Pod-Yr2 pupils. School is closed for KS3 pupils (Yr7-9) until further notice.

  • The Cooper School - Due to staff shortages we are closed for Years 9 and 12 tomorrow, Wednesday 18th March.

  • The Iffley Academy - School closed Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th and Friday 20th March.

  • The Warriner School - We have been advised that year 9 will not be attending school from tomorrow- until further notice.

  • Larkrise Primary School - Only open for children with parents or carers 'that need to work'. The school is asking all other pupils not to attend because of staff shortages. No word on when it will reopen yet.

Two students at Oxford Brookes have tested positive for coronavirus.

After the Easter break, all lectures and classes will be delivered online for the near future.

The University has declared that the next 17 days weeks will be classed as "Reading Weeks" - with no teaching happening.

Meanwhile, Oxford University has confirmed seven cases of covid-19 and says all of those affected are being supported.

The measures it has put in place this week include:

  • Staff members will be working from home where possible
  • All UK undergraduate students must return home over Easter vacation unless they have a compelling reason to stay
  • All exams scheduled for the Easter vacation (16 March − 2 April) have been cancelled or re-arranged.
  • All Libraries and museums are closed to the public, and there will be no physical access to the collections for researchers or students. However, a wide range of resources are being made available online.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he "wouldn't be surprised" if that advice changes in the next fortnight.

Mr Khan added: "Some teachers may be pregnant, others may have underlying health issues, a child may have a persistent cough or temperature which means mum, dad, carer decides to withdraw the child."

The union NASUWT, that represents teachers and head teachers, feels as though there is a "rising sense of panic" due to what it believes is lack of concrete direction where schools are concerned.

NASUWT acting general secretary, Chris Keates, said in a statement: "All of the announcements continue to be couched as guidance or advice, which is simply serving to increase anxiety and uncertainty.

"The NASUWT has to date been advising our members in the context of the advice issued by governments and administrations and public health bodies across the UK.

"However, the lack of clear information with regard to the steps to protect teachers, head teachers and other staff working in schools in the context of commentators constantly referring to the threats posed by children carrying Covid-19 is causing chaos and confusion and placing intolerable pressure on all staff in schools and their families."

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