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Coronavirus: New Oxford-developed test gives results in 30 minutes

Experts say the new method of testing is three times faster than others.

A new test for the covid-19 coronavirus, that’s been developed at the University of Oxford, will give results in just half an hour according to experts.

Other methods of testing can see a wait of up to two hours before it is revealed whether or not a patient is carrying the respiratory illness.

Scientists, from the Engineering Science Department and the Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research, say all the new method’s results so far have been accurate.

Professor Wei Huang is leading the novel research, alongside Professor Zhanfeng Ciu.

He said the test has “built-in checks to prevent false positives or negatives.”

It has been clinically trialled on 16 people, at Shenzhen Luohou People’s Hospital in China.

Professor Ciu added: “I am proud of our team that has developed a useful technology and can make a contribution in combatting CoV-19.

“We are very grateful to the hospital’s medical team, for their part in testing this new technology.”

Experts say the new technology is highly sensitive, and can detect coronavirus in its early stages.

This potentially indicates that people with it can be identified sooner, they can self-isolate quicker, therefore the spread of the infection may become slower.

The Oxford team say they are working on developing the technology further, so it could be used in clinics, airports or at home.

You can see more of what they’re doing here

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