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AUDIO: 3,000 emergency food parcels sent to people in Oxford during lockdown

Some people are struggling to put food on the table for them and their families.

The city council is urging anyone who needs help to get in touch so they can send out an emergency food parcel.

It's highlighting the help on offer after hearing about worrying conditions for some families - including a mum who'd been skipping meals so her kids could eat.

The message is 'no-one should go hungry in Oxford. '

There is a huge support operation in place at the moment, with over 800 emergency food supplies being provided in Oxford each week.

Deputy Leader, Cllr Linda Smith, told us that some of the calls they've been getting are 'heartbreaking':

The council is trying to promote its Contact Centre online, for anyone who needs help, plus the helpline, 01865 249 811.

So far over 636 referrals have been made to receive urgent supplies and 535 referrals have been made to help with collecting/delivering shopping.

The authority is also reminding families with children eligible for free school meals, that their school is still required to provide support, even if they are closed.

Some schools may still be providing meals or food parcels, otherwise, a national voucher scheme has been introduced, providing a £15 allowance per child per week.  

You can check if your child is eligable, here:

Community Larders are also open in these locations:

  • Rose Hill Community Centre 
  • Blackbird Leys Community Centre 
  • Cowley 
  • Botley 
  • Barton Neighbourhood Centre 

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