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Part-Time Firefighters @ Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue

Phone Number: 01865 315 980
Address: Kidlington fire station, Oxford, OX5 2DU

                       OXFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL 
Fire & Rescue Service 


Job Title: On-call Firefighter 

Service: Fire and Rescue Service 

On Call Duty System Firefighters come from every walk of life, they include shopkeepers, builders, plumbers, farmers, secretaries, engineers and directors of companies, together with people who are not currently employed. Previous experience is not required due to the comprehensive training programme. 

What is important is that you are enthusiastic and can meet certain essential requirements. 
One such requirement is that you must be able to reach your local fire station quickly and safely within five minutes at normal driving conditions. This is after having been alerted by the pager that Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service provides to all its On Call Duty System Firefighter personnel. The role of a Firefighter can be physically demanding and therefore physical fitness is of utmost importance. 
On Call Duty System Firefighters do not just fight fires; they are also involved in a wide variety of situations ranging from community fire safety, flooding, first person on scene at medical emergencies, road accidents and chemical spills to retrieving animals from awkward situations. On average, you could be called out two or three times a week for one hour. If you cannot be available all of the time it is not a problem, the Service is particularly keen to hear from people who are available during weekdays and weekends that can be flexible with their work life and family life. You will also be required to attend a training session each week in the evening for two hours. 
Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is welcoming and inclusive. Whatever your background, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation you will be treated with equal respect. Perhaps that is what makes Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service such an enjoyable place to work. 

•  To save life 
•  To protect property from damage by fire and from firefighting measures 
•  To render humanitarian services 
•  To contribute to the reduction in number and severity of fires 

•  To respond swiftly to and deal with emergency calls immediately and safely. 
•  To work effectively and efficiently as a member of a team. 
•  To undertake all training as required. 

•   To acquire and maintain knowledge to enhance professional skills including: 
- Breathing Apparatus 
- Hazard spotting 
- Water Rescue techniques including safe rescue in water. 
- Water supplies within the Fire and Rescue Services area of operation. 
- . Maintain all emergency equipment in a state of readiness, including cleanliness, repairing and testing as required to approved standards and procedures to undertake checks on emergency resources provided for fire service use 
•  Work with all members of the community, being sensitive to the needs of others particularly having regard to equality and diversity issues. 
•  To carry out Home and Community Safety activities to improve the safety of the people we help. 
•  To uphold the County Council’s values and Fire and Rescue Service’s high standards and reputation with regard to appearance, dress, conduct, behaviour and demeanour. 
•  To maintain a level of health and fitness commensurate with your duties as a Firefighter. 
•  Take part in continuous training and learning programmes by attending lectures, exercises, simulated incidents, practice drill sessions and other forms of training to achieve and maintain competence levels, in line with national role maps. A minimum of two hours per week. 
•  The ability to comply with high discipline standards of the Fire & Rescue Service. 
•  To understand, comply with and implement all relevant policies of Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, e.g. 
•  Health and Safety 
•  Equal Opportunities 
•  Harassment 
•  Drugs and Alcohol 
•  To undertake routine administrative duties, including the use of information technology, as required. 
•  To carry out any other duties as reasonably required by the Chief Fire Officer. 

Job Title: On-call Firefighter 

Balanced temperament – ability to form and maintain good working relationships 

•  An acceptable attitude to discipline and the ability to adopt the high standards demanded by the Fire and Rescue Service 

Display the attitude, ability and motivation to undertake physical and intensive initial and ongoing training. 
Set personal targets linked to team 
Service delivery and personal objectives 

Personal Conduct: 
Committed, compassionate, tenacious, honest, able to demonstrate integrity and personal responsibility 

Special Aptitudes and/or Skills: 
Conformity to special occupational requirements 
Adherence to uniform dress code including personal protective clothing and equipment 

Ability to work effectively as a team member and ability to lead a team. 

Personal Conduct: 
Social, community and personal awareness. 

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