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JACK's Festival Guide


At JACK, we don't get out much. But that doesn't mean you can't. 


We've put together a page showcasing all the Festivals within a two-hour drive around Oxfordshire.


This is that page. 


So pull up your camping chair, get your wellies on and have a browse of these.



Pub in the Park. 12-15 July. Tunbridge Wells.
Henley Festival. 10-14 July. Henley.
Lovebox  12-13 July. London.
Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul Festival. 12-14 July. Birmingham.
Oxed Beer Festival. 12-14 July. Oxted.
Folk by the Oak. 14 July. Hertfordshire.
Nozstock. 18 – 21 July. Herefordshire.
Wireless Festival. 5 – 7 July. London.
Penn Fest. 19-20 July. Hemel-Hempstead.
Riverside Festival. 20-21 July. Charlbury.
Todd in the Hole Festival. 20-21 July. Stevenage.
Standon Calling. 25-28 July. Hertfordshire.
Made Festival. 27th July. Birmingham.
Chilled in a Field. 26-28 July. Brighton.
Big Family Festival. 26-28 July. Sutton-Coldfield.

Wickham Festival. 1-4 Aug. Wickham.
Wilderness. 1-4 Aug. Charlbury.
Staycation Live. 2 - 4 Aug. Guildford.
51st State Festival. 3 Aug. Enfield.
Eastern electrics. 3-4 Aug. London.
Boomtown 7-11 Aug. Winchester.
Fairport Cropredy Convention. 8-10 Aug. Banbury.
Rewind Festival South. 16-18 Aug. Henley.
Shambala. 22-25th Aug. Northamptonshire.
Towersey Festival 23-26 Aug. Thame.
Reading Festival. 23-25 Aug. Reading.
South West Four. 24-25 Aug. London.
Weyfest. 16th-18th Aug.  Surrey.
The Big Feastival. 23-25 Aug. Kingham.
Shambala Festival. 22-25 Aug. Northamptonshire.
Victorious Festival. 23-25 Aug. Portsmouth.
Swanbourne Festival. 25 Aug. Swanbourne.
Shrewsbury Folk Festival. 23-26 Aug.
Meraki Festival. 23-25 Aug. St Albans.
Camper Calling. 23-25 Aug. Warwickshire.
House of Common. 26 Aug. London.
End of the Road Festival. 29 Aug – 1 Sep. Salisbury.
Moseley Folk Festival. 30-31 Aug. Birmingham.

Onboard The Craft. 5-7 Sep. Bromsgrove.
Pub in the Park. 6-8 Sep. Chiswick.
Into the Trees. 13-15 Sep. Tunbridge Wells.
Pub in the Park. 13-15 Sep. St Albans.
Craftcore. 21 Sep. Oxford.