JACK's Great 48 with NHS Health Checks


We're looking for 48 of you to get checked out. 



Trev from JACK's Morning Glory suffered a minor stroke in November of last year. At the time he was only 48.

Trev wants to use his experience to raise awareness of taking care and listening to your body. 

We want 48 of you (or even more!) to sign up and have a free NHS Health Check. 

If you're aged between 40-74 and haven't gone for your free NHS Health Check then, if you're eligible, they want to check you out - it's worth it. Get all the details here.

It takes around 20-30 minutes and could save your life. 

If you're willing to be one of JACK's Great 48. Make a pledge below that you'll sign up for a free NHS Check. 

If you need more convincing, if enough of you sign up each week, Rich'll do something well embarrassing on Facebook, just listen to JACK's Morning Glory





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