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Walking On Broken Glass

Annie Lennox

Ollie 'HIGH SPEED HAWKY' Hawksworth

Ollie 'HIGH SPEED HAWKY' Hawksworth
Theme Music:
Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell
What mum and dad said to get them into the final:
"At 10 months old ollie makes us laugh with his witty humour that makes him seem much older than he his. He chases his older brother (7) and sister (4) around the floor and is pretty good at keep up with them. I think ollie would be a fantastic contendant and would be more than enthusiastic, giving the other 2 a run for their money. He's already in training in a hope to win one of the 3 spots. He has his eye on the prize ready to win so he can hopefully buy himself a new pushchair that's suitable for going jogging with mum and dad"
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