JACK's Pub Garden Quiz


JACK's doing a live pub quiz from its spiritual home - the pub garden. Fancy joining?


Play along with Trev and Rich and some beers, live on JACK's Facebook page, or book a place to be with the boys at the Vine Inn in Cumnor, live from their gorgeous fully-landscaped garden with outdoor bar.


Finally JACK's live from a pub. This is a 13-year-long dream come true.


Cheers to the Vine Inn in Cumnor for hosting us. Their staff are all fully COVID-trained and there's table service for all food and drink. Check them out sometime.



It's this Friday 10th July, from 7.30pm. Want to be in the pub garden with Trev and Rich (and more importantly some beer)? Give the Vine Inn a call on 01865 862 567, or tap here to drop them an email.


JACK's Pub Garden Quiz - live on JACK's Facebook from the Vine Inn in Cumnor, Friday 10th July from 7.30pm. We'll sort the questions, you sort the beer.




Come As You Are by Nirvana

JACK 2 Hits

God's Plan by Drake

JACK 3 & Chill

You Win Again by Bee Gees