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JACK's Mooring Glory

Trev and Rich have boated from one edge of Oxfordshire to the other.

On the Thames. In two days.

It was all on the radio - and now it's all here. Trev only swam naked in the Thames at the end a little bit. Relive this silly thing here.


18:49, Friday 6th September

Goring, Reading. Border crossed. Can we all go home now?




18:43, Friday 6th September

Any excuse to strip off...



18:14, Friday 6th September

Good god. They're going to bloody do it.




17:39, Friday 6th September

Unlucky Trev.





17:39, Friday 6th September


Light is fading. Race is on to Goring!




16:45, Friday 6th September

Just out of Days Lock, Little Wittenham.

11 miles. 3 Locks. 3 hours of daylight left.


And Trev's wet pants are on the flagpole.

The race is on.





16:30, Friday 6th September

Little Wittenham.

Some rain has come.




16:23, Friday 6th September

Things are getting tense. They could *actually* make it? Who knew...



16:06, Friday 6th September

We've all been waiting for this...




15:21, Friday 6th September

Matthew reckons the boys can do it.

We're not so sure...






14:47, Friday 6th September

Barley Mow pub, Clifton Hampden.

Will they make it to Goring by sundown?




14:19, Friday 6th September

Clifton Hampden. 

And some pants.




13:48, Friday 6th September

Cullham Lock. Looking mighty.

Can they make it to Goring before sundown? Who knows.




13:20, Friday 6th September


12:52, Friday 6th September


Rich is getting some revenge on Trev after that Ringo yesterday...


12:37, Friday 6th September

Not sure how useful a TomTom is on a river...



12:01, Friday 6th September

JACK's Mooring Glory is at the Nag's Head in Abingdon. Come and say hello!

Here until about 12:30.






11:42, Friday 6th September

First look at our special Dinghy.

We clearly have a HUGE budget as you can see.

Good luck with that boys.



11:20, Friday 6th September

In Abingdon? Catch Trev and Rich sailing through...

10:53, Friday 6th September

Are you following us on Instagram? Some INCREDIBLE content over there.

(and some extra behind the scenes sneaky stuff on the stories).




10:41, Friday 6th September

The boy's have hit traffic. On the Thames.

Of course.





10:19, Friday 6th September

Trev has joined the party. Finally.



They're at a pub. But it's closed.

Unlucky lads.


09:43, Friday 6th September

Our hero, Captain Nick. 

We salute you!

Trev is officially en route to meet Rich and Nick. Let the nonsense begin

09:02, Friday 6th September

There's a WhatsApp group to help sort everything.

Rich is doing all the right things.

08:51, Friday 6th September

Just made it to Donnington Bridge, near Iffley Lock.

Absolutely stunning in its beauty. 

08:24, Friday 6th September

Hello Osney Lock.

You are cold.

07:55, Friday 6th September

Sod your back to school photos. This is the pic of the day yesterday.


07:38, Friday 6th September

Incredible news. It's the first electric lock of the trip. That's the level we're at. Cheers, Godstow Lock.

Heading through central Oxford this morning, then pushing on through to Abingdon.

07:31, Friday 6th September

A call for help. Just to embarrass Trev.

06:49, Friday 6th September

Yesterday we started on the Thames in Lechlade on the west of Oxfordshire.

Can we get to Goring, on the east of Oxfordshire, before sunset tonight?

Probably not. This is JACK.

And this is where we're starting.

18:03, Thursday 5th September

Captain Nick's getting cheeky.

He's still miles funnier than the regular breakfast show at this point.

Will we get to our mooring point in Oxford before nightfall? If we don't, it's illegal. And we'll have no plan.

17:32, Thursday 5th September

Passing UNDER the Swinford Toll on Facebook Live.

Need 5p?

16:41, Thursday 5th September

Spot of bird watching, heading to the Swinford Toll.

Got your 5p lads?



15:37, Thursday 5th September

Riverbank Adventures. They're getting loopy.

15:09, Thursday 5th September

Look out indeed...


14:44, Thursday 5th September

Smooth, Trev. Smooth.

14:33, Thursday 5th September

Rose Revived Pub, Newbridge. 

Time for a drink. Of water.

Definitely water.





14:27, Thursday 5th September

Oh no. Sorry Michael.




14:26, Thursday 5th September

Doing their bit for the environment... Do you know a Michael?


14:11, Thursday 5th September

We all need a hug from Captain Nick every now and again. Hang in there Rich.

Heading to the Rose Revive Pub, Newbridge.



13:21, Thursday 5th September

Heading away from the Trout Inn, Tadpole Bridge. No time for lunch!

Don't Rock The Boat...




13:09, Thursday 5th September

Tadpole Bridge.

Looks like Trev's caught a fish or something?



Still not sunk. Yet.




12:44, Thursday 5th September

"Let's get him in. We don't want him to get hypothermia."

Stick the radio on to hear Rich suffering and Trev laughing. Trying to get from one edge of Oxfordshire on the Thames to the other in two days. Ish.

12:13, Thursday 5th September

If you listen to one thing today, make it Trev's sympathetic and respectful piece on the radio while Rich is being towed behind the boat.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear wet suits.

12:10, Thursday 5th September

Ringo Rich Departs.

While we wait for the boys to get through Radcot Lock, let's relive this wonderful moment.



11:35, Thursday 5th September

Ringo Rich.

The wet suit doesn't leave much to the imagination either.


10:48, Thursday 5th September

Cracking on after a pub breakfast. Beer and bacon.

Cheers Ye Olde Swan in Radcot. Rich doesn't want to leave and get on a ringo to be towed behind a tiny boat. But we want to see it, so tough.

We're on the Thames for two days, trying to travel 80 miles from one edge of the county to the other. Come see us any time. It's possible, but surely not by JACK...

10:10, Thursday 5th September

Want a tour of the boat we're taking across Oxfordshire?

It's... cosy

09:56, Thursday 5th September

Ay ay sailor.

The boat's made it to Radcot.

Pushing on down the river soon. Three men in a boat - or two in a boat and one being towed behind in a ringo. Sorry Rich.

Stick JACKfm for updates on if/when we sink.

09:43, Thursday 5th September

Trev's joining the boat at Radcot very soon.

In the meantime, pint?

Such an Oxfordshire image.

08:59, Thursday 5th September

No luck catching them swans then?

We asked Rich for interesting pictures from the boat. He's what he thinks that means.

Trev's leaving the studios now to join Rich on the boat. When he does, Rich gets in the ringo and a tight wet suit.


08:31, Thursday 5th September

Passed through Lechlade lock a few minutes ago.

Lynn gave us this gem for tomorrow. Lend us some charcoal?

08:19, Thursday 5th September

Traffic news.

M40's very slow southbound. School runs are slowing the A34 and A420.

River Thames is manic too. Just look at it.

Listen to JACKfm now for updates.

08:01, Thursday 5th September

We're at a lock.

It's manual.

Nick the captain says he's never done one before.

Half open, half successful, half arsed. JACK.

07:47, Thursday 5th September


Give it 10 minutes before they sink.

07:19, Thursday 5th September

Rich is at the Trout Inn in Lechlade. Cast off is soon. Bacon sandwiches have been had. 

Just need to get the boat in the water now.

It's so amazingly peaceful here. No traffic noise, no rush hour, no nothing. Apart from a radio station rocking up and disturbing everything.

Next - getting the boat in the water. While Rich is on board.

07:03, Thursday 5th September

She's a fine vessel.


Rich has just been introduced to the boat we're taking down the Thames for two days. Except when he's in the ringo being pulled behind it.

06:57, Thursday 5th September

On route to the boat. Rich got some practice in before he left though.

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