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Oxfordshire update: will the bins be collected?


There's a virus going round.


And it's kind of brought Oxfordshire to a stop. So what'll happen with your bins?


Different councils are saying different things at the moment, and of course it could all change over the coming hours. For the time being, the advice seems to be to put your bins out as normal, but to expect some variations.


 Oxford City Council for example have said: "Waste and recycling collections from homes will continue as usual, however garden waste collections will now be suspended. Waste collections from businesses will continue, however, volumes of commercial waste are expected to reduce very significantly."


Best thing to do is check the Twitter pages of each district council for where you live. Click through for the latest from your local council:

Oxford CityWest OxfordshireSouth OxfordshireVale of White HorseCherwell District.


If you suspect someone in your household has coronavirus, or is showing symptoms, this is really good advice from Oxfordshire County Council's website too.



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