The Clues So Far


We've been following someone in Oxfordshire for weeks.


We know everything about them - and will give the £2,000 when they identify themselves.


Listen for new clues about the winner at 7.30am and 1pm every weekday on JACK.


Here's what we know about the Chosen One so far:


- The Chosen One has been spotted in Oxford city centre.

- They have a middle name.

- They've seen Dirty Dancing.

- They have been on an island.

- They've been spotted swimming.

- They went to university.

- They have a number on the front door of their home.

- They have a brother.

- They have a niece.

- They've visited Cardiff.

- Their workplace is close to a railway line.

- They're female.

- She had a box of chocolates delivered to her at work in December.

- Her home is mid-terrace.

- They were seen in Cowley Library last Friday (2nd February).

- There is a café at the end of their road.

- There's often a blue bike chained to the railings outside their home.

- They give public talks.

- They've been seen dancing at Oxford Town Hall.

- They live in a basement flat.

- They work at the headquarters of their employer.


Reckon that's describing you? Or someone you know? The Chosen One's worth £2,000, but only when they identify themselves. Get them to call 01865 575 106 now.


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