Round 1's Clues


We've been following someone in Oxfordshire for weeks.
We know everything about them - and will give them £1,000 when they identity themselves.
Listen for new clues about the person at 7.30am and 1pm every weekday on JACKfm.
Here's what we know about the Chosen One so far:
  • They've been on holiday by the sea.
  • They're employed.
  • They were ill at some point in 2017.
  • Their home has a white front door.
  • They're married.
  • They live south of Oxford city centre.
  • They're not an only child.
  • They don't live on a main road.
  • They work for a company with more than 30 employees.
  • They've not always lived in Oxfordshire.
  • They have patio doors at the back of their home.
  • They've been spotted in Waitrose.
  • They have a beard.
  • Their wife works in London.
  • They have cream curtains in their lounge.
Reckon it's you? Give 01865 575106 a tinkle. You never know...




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