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The Oxford Mail OX5 Run is back...

Put on your running shoes for this year's virtual run on Sunday 28th March, sponsored by Allen Associates.

Run, walk or lightly jog a five-mile route close to where you live to help support your local Children's Hospital.

 This year, it's going virtual as the run keeps within the Government's social distancing guidelines.

Here at JACK we are on the look out for 100 of you to join our team. 

Just sign up to the run here, then tell us below you want to be on our team. 

Being part of JACK's 100 means you'll be invited on to a zoom call with Trev and the other 99 people to warm up together, laugh together and start the race together. 

There'll even be random spot prizes for those who are part of JACK's 100. We'll be annoucing these during JACK's Morning Glory on Monday 29th March - but have to be in the team for a chance to win! 

All that we ask in return is that you try and raise £100 for the Oxford Childrens Hospitals Charity. Read about the amazing work they do here

So stop thinking about it and tell us you want to be on our team below...




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