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April Fuels Day

Fancy a tank of petrol* on us?

Rev up your engines this April 1st, as listening in to JACKfm could pay for your next trip to the BP! (not the pork scratchings)


Step 1: Listen to JACKfm between 9am-5pm on the 1st of April, keep your ears peeled for the April Fuels Jingle!


Step 2: Call us up on 01865 575 106

Step 3: Say it loud - "Fill me up, buttercup!"

And if you're the first to do so, that's it! Enjoy your brand new go-juice, just don't ask us for directions.


*Up to the value of £50 you cheeky rascal, don't be filling up your bathtub now!


Terms and Conditions

  • Standard JACKfm competition terms and conditions apply – click here to see them
  • The competition starts at 9am on 1st April and finishes at 5pm on 1st April
  • To win, you must be the first person to call 01865 575 106 and leave a voicemail stating 'fill me up buttercup' after we have played the call to action audio above on JACKfm on 1st April between 9-5
  • The prize consist of £50 - which will be paid by bank transfer within 20 days of winning. 
  • JACKfm's decision is final and cannot be contested
  • There will be five chances to win across the day
  • You can only win once. If you have won already in the day, you will be discounted from winning again
  • JACK cannot be held responsible for any delay in your listening experience, if listening via the Internet 
  • JACK reserves the right to change T&Cs at any point if they believe it to be necessary

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