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Apprenticeships at OAS

Here at JACK, we've never had an education, we got where we are by sitting in a seat and not leaving. 

We suggest you go a different route. 

Oxfordshire Advanced Skills offers high quality training for apprentice engineers and technicians at technology businesses in the Thames Valley. As we'll as that, doesn't it look swanky!

Apprenticeships are a way of earning whilst you're learning, gaining real workplace experience and having a company invest in your future. 

Or if you're a business owner, apprenticeships are a way of you investing in your business, staff and giving back to the younger community. 

If you're interested, join them at one of their Apprenticeship Open Evenings where you will be able meet with their staff, current apprentices and employer partners to gain an insight into what it’s like to be an apprentice at OAS.

Their next one is on the evening of the 5th May, and you can register HERE

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