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Acceptable In The 80S

Calvin Harris

The Diary...

You can hear ALL the action weekdays between 7-7.30am...and then a special naughtier version between 9-9.30pm…but if you missed anything then you can catch up here! 



Well they've only gone and blooming completed 30 nights of nookie! These are their best to speak! 


What a bank holiday weekend that was! On Friday, we sent Steve and Ellie away to a hotel in Oxfordshire...under a pseudonym...for just two hours

Not content with just asking them to be loud and proud we had to check out JUST how loud they really were...

So how loud were they? REALLY LOUD! Anabelle measured Steve and Ellie's session peaking at 88.5db - that's louder than a waste disposal unit, a diesel train and a propeller plane!! There's also a health and safety note that comes with this volume - exposure to it for 8hrs could result in hearing damage. Apparently there was no chance of it lasting 8 hours of Friday night!


DAY 15

As we approach the bank holiday weekend, we thought we'd set Steve and Ellie a bit of a challenge. Last weekend we sent them away to the BEAUTIFUL Malmaison hotel in Oxford to be wined and dined. They're off to another hotel tonight. Only there's a bit of a twist...


DAY 14

Bit of a blip with today's nookie. Immediately after the deed has been done, we ask Steve and Ellie to leave us a voicemail to let us know. Today's had terrible consequences...


Nearly two weeks in is their 19 year old daughter Millie surviving? After a week away on her holiday, she was back home with a bump on Saturday!



Trevor and Caroline have bought Steve and Ellie a little present, to help them carry out tonight's action.

It's an erotic massage book. And it's VERY VERY naughty

Here's an excerpt

The SLIGHT issue is that it was sent via a taxi to their home...only so far it hasn't arrived. Either it was dropped through someone else's letterbox by mistake...or was intercepted by their son...



Monday Monday. Bah dah bah da-da-dah. So Steve and Ellie have spent the weekend at The Malmaison in Oxford, enjoying champagne dinners and cocktails...and each other!

Ellie FINALLY got to wear the lingerie Trev and Caroline had bought her

And we couldn't let Steve get away empty handed! Given that The Malmaison hotel used to be a prison...we sorted him out with handcuffs and a Policeman's helmet!



So Ellie has some lovely lingerie to wear. But what about Steve? Don't worry. We haven't forgotten about him!

Today we revealed Steve and Ellie's weekend treat. We've booked them into the Malmaison in Oxford...but there's a bit of a twist!





So Steve and Ellie are one week into their 30 nights of nookie challenge. We decided they deserved a helping hand (so to speak). Trevor decided it sounded like a perfect excuse to indulge his greatest passion. Ladies underwear.

Steve was working in London again and was chomping at the bit to get home to his wife in her sexy getup.

Only things didn't quite go to plan



After having another look at the nookie graph, we noticed that rumpy pumpy tended to take place after 11pm

So for Day 6 the challenge is for Steve and Ellie to do the four legged foxtrot at a DIFFERENT time of the day


So the challenge for Day 5 was to make nookie last AT LEAST 30 minutes with the first 20 minutes being above the waist action only! It's after their nookie graph revealed 15 minute sessions had been their average so far!

Steve and Ellie have done another video diary! They have a challenge to complete today - 30 minutes of nookie (as opposed to their usual 15 minutes) but for the first 20 touching below the waist!

Steve and Ellie said "Challenge? what challenge!" and sailed through with flying colours. But how did they time it?



Well. Day 4 didn't quite go to plan did it!

On the upside, after the row Steve and Ellie were forced to kiss and make up. Almost literally. But how were the 'horizontal refreshments' after that bust up?



So the first weekend of "how's your father" has taken place. What's it been like for Steve and Ellie?

We asked them for their quickfire scores for the fist 3 nights - did they agree on how good it was?


So today is the first day. Steve is raring to go…Ellie less so!

Trev and Caroline received a number of calls that raised a few questions…after a bit of thought they came up with a solution and this morning Trev and Caroline presented them with a little gift

So it’s nearly time and it’s safe to say Steve is chomping at the bit. Check out their video diary!


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